Stratus Steel's roots emerged from a young Saskatchewan farmer's hard work and long-term vision.


At the age of 18, Mark Thevenot couldn’t gear down after harvest was done. Rather than kicking back to relax through the winter months, he saw the farming off-season as an opportunity to seek out other adventure.


The construction industry was a natural transition with similar long hours and manual labor that Mark became accustomed to on the farm.


The job search brought him to Saskatoon, SK where he worked through the winter months with pre-engineered steel building company, Reynolds Erectors.  Mark quickly picked up the ins and outs of the trade, eager to learn and become proficient.


Mark’s ambition, maturity, and level-headedness on the job did not go unnoticed. Before long, he worked his way up to a supervising role within the steel building construction company.


Leaving the family farming business was a difficult decision to make, but Mark’s independence inspired him to pursue a full-time career in pre-engineered steel building construction.


A future uncertain, full of challenge, yet promising when powered by a young man’s vision and drive to make his mark on the world.


When the owner of Reynold’s Erectors decided upon retirement, Mark was faced with the biggest choice in his life thus far.


Would he buy the business and strike out on his own? The personal and financial risk vs. reward was a formidable choice for a 25 year old.


But with a backbone of resilience, Mark took the risk of investing in his previous employer’s company assets in hopes of creating his own success.

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The year was 2003, and the story of Stratus Steel Erectors Inc. began to unfold. Lofty dreams of a journey to a successful business framed a promising future.


However, the beginning years were not easy.


Life as a small business owner was very involved, stressful, and draining. The personally-invested time, money, and lifelong dreams weighed heavy on the new owner’s shoulders as he began to build his network of business contacts and steel buildings across Saskatchewan.

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Mark’s drive to continue forward was strengthened by long-term vision and honest work ethic instilled by his farming background.


After navigating the initial demanding years of new business, Stratus Steel Erectors Inc. established itself in the pre-engineered building construction industry. The crew readily took on an influx of projects with a boom in the local economy.


The company did not lose sight of its values of hard work, attention to detail, and putting forward their best efforts.


Mark led his crews by example with his all-in attitude and values for good, hard work. They continually challenged themselves to bust their butts, work through adverse weather, beat schedules, and maintain meticulous quality from start to finish.


With those strong values, business flourished.

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Stratus Steel Erectors has established a strong reputation of trust and respect with local contractors and building owners across Saskatchewan over many years.


The legacy of Stratus Steel continues forward, owner-operated, and locally managed with values homegrown from hardworking prairie roots.


Our story continues as we bring steel buildings to new heights with our valued business partners and welcomed new ones.

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